Life Groups



Connection through relationship is one of our most basic human needs, along with feeling accepted and having a sense of belonging and purpose.

Bridgeman Life Groups are designed to help you find fellowship and friendship within church life, and to disciple you towards maturity and service in the Kingdom of God.

Connecting with other believers on the same journey helps us remain steadfast and find support through life’s challenges.

Life groups are also a great avenue to develop our gifts, and to reach out and influence others.

We have a variety of groups and special interest groups for all ages.  Listed below are some of our life groups for your information.

If you require further assistance please phone the church office on 3261 9777, or refer to our current newsletter.

Find A Life Group

Find a Life Group near you. We have a number of wonderful life groups that you can join. To find a life group that is close to you click the image below.



Alternatively, please speak with John and Sunita after the church services to find out more information or call the church office on 3261 9777 to find a Life Group close to you.